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Spring Training

Well it’s that time again, when cherry blossoms are flowering and spring has sprung and race season approaches quickly and reminds me to get it together and go play outside. If you’re me, it’s also the season to go see your physiotherapist because your body hurts. So that’s what I’m up to this week. Physio, training, and working. It’s a good life! I’ve been running with a knee brace and that has been SO helpful! No knee pain this week, but my SI joints are terribly out of whack. Can’t wait for physio! Here’s a few photos from the other day when my sister and I went adventuring!!

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2 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. What type of brace do you use, the sleeve-strap or one of the more heavy duty ones? I tried running with one while injured once and found it made the pain a bit worse if anything

  2. I just use a $30 life brand one I picked up, it has velcro on the top and the bottom, it’s been working out really well. I think it may depend on the type of pain you have. I have patella femoral syndrome in both my knees and I find the braces extremely useful! I also cover them in mineral ice before and after I train and I find that really keeps the swelling down!

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