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Hierarchy of Runners

It seems that the more active I get, the more pairs of shoes I accumulate. And useful ones…not just pretty ones (which I also collect, but are not nearly as practical). My car is really just a really big shiny gym bag, gym shoes, running shoes, rock climbing shoes, hiking boots, biking shoes, riding boots, you get the idea. Now, running shoes need to be replaced with great frequency for reasons we are all aware of. My issue is that they always feel like I could still make more use out of them when they get to the point that I can’t run in them anymore, and throwing them out just seems so wasteful. So a few years ago I developed a running shoe hierarchy! So when I get them, they’re new and fancy and shiny and they are either running shoes or gym shoes (gym shoes are REALLY spoiled, they don’t even touch the ground outside for the first half of their lives), then, when the support starts to go, they become everyday runners and trail/mountain runners, and begin to get ragged. And then, once they really start to go, they become barn runners! Wearing runners to the barn pretty much ensures that they are totally destroyed. This is just something I do that makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my shoes, it’s entirely not based on any kind of professional or medical advice. However it certainly saves me money!! These are my newest gym runners, and gosh do I ever love them. I’m something of a Nike junkie. All my current shoes are Nike and I’m totally in love with each and every one of them.


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