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Something interesting happened to me this week. Actually a lot of interesting things happened this weekend. One of which being my sister getting married. That was super amazing. This is kind of related. For one of the many parties that were held before the wedding, us girls got henna done and there was both a tea leaf reader and a tarot card reader in attendance. Now, I must preface this post by saying that I’m pretty science minded, and I’m a little skeptical of these kinds of things. However, Tanya Lester, tea leaf reader blew me away. Without knowing anything about me or me asking any questions, she started off by telling me that she sees that I will have to make a career decision in the near future ( WHICH I DO!! when I’m done my Carnival contract I will have to decide whether to do another contract or to focus on hotel work), and that one of those options will take me far away from home (it will) but it will make me very happy and will be a challenging position where I will learn a lot. She said that if I choose that position she sees me doing it for a very long time and being very happy. She said the other position will be closer to home and I will think that it’s going to be a good move, but that if I chose that one I won’ be happy and it won’t be as challenging and it will be very similar to what I’ve done before. Then she said, “I see you on a boat.”

SERIOUSLY. How did she know that?? It blew me away. Then she said a few things about my love life that were totally completely right. Then she talked about a man that I will meet sometime in the next 3-5 years who is older and grumpy and for some reason I see something in this man and I befriend him and kind of look out for him, and then he introduces me to his son, who will be someone that I will be with for a long time. So I don’t know about all that bit, but I guess we will see. All in all, I was totally impressed with this woman and would definitely see her again. There’s just no way she could have known some of the things she said, I had never met this woman ever! So crazy. So that’s my story about that!! I’m going to try to post some photos soon of my sister’s wedding, it was so so amazing!!


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