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Steal my Sunshine

I’ve just got to comment about a very interesting life dynamic that I notice often in my interactions with others. I am an indestructibly happy person. Odd statement, right? Well it’s true. I’m that person who dances at the gym, says hi to strangers, makes friends with customs agents, and is happy for no apparent reason. Why not, you need a reason to be sad, you don’t need one to be happy. I think sometimes its even annoying, apparently I’m too cheerful. That being said, I’m not planning on changing. The reason I use the word ‘indestructible’ to define my particular brand of cheer, is that people are constantly trying to destroy it. The funny thing about being a really cheerful happy person is that there is inevitably someone lurking around a corner, trying to squash my happy. It’s so odd. At every job, there’s always someone who will narrow their eyes suspiciously at me and give me some form of ultimatum. Usually it goes like, “Just wait until ______*ominous event*____ then you won’t be so cheerful.” The ominous even is always something to do with the work place, or being somewhere a long time, or meeting certain people. The thing is, people have been saying this to me for a very long time. And it never happens. I just don’t quite understand when being happy became something suspicious, that would ultimately end soon. I think the difference is that I am not a happy person by nature. I’m actually a big fat pessimist covered in shiny layers of sarcasm, optimism, and fairy dust. I actually consciously make a decision every morning to be happy. It doesn’t just happen, I wake up grouchy and angry and sad for no reason and start thinking happy thoughts until I convince myself that I’m happy. And it works!! Sometimes its as easy as having an early morning dance party when I’m getting ready, sometimes I have to actively hunt for happy thoughts. Eventually, if you smile at enough people, and say enough friendly things, you actually feel happy. It’s remarkable. I hate being sad, it’s not fun, and I’m positive it gives you wrinkles. So instead of sitting around, moping, being sad about nothing and watching my life slip by, I jump around, be happy about nothing, and do as many remarkable things with my life as I can, because it’s way more fun.  If I can do it, anyone can do it. Just be happy, do things that make you happy, surround yourself with people that make you happy. And even if at your core, you are a grumpy stubborn pessimist like me, that will be our little secret. Oh, and those happiness squashers, I never listen to them, because eventually they all give up and just join in, happiness is contagious, and they’ll never squash mine!!

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