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To Swim or Not to Swim

Well, being a gym rat is going quite well actually, I’m getting into a comfortable groove of running/biking/weight training in the guest gym. My schedule is actually ideal for training. I work split shifts so I always have time every day to go to the gym. We don’t ever work all day straight, there’s always a break! I really feel like I’m getting so much gym and self improvement time, it’s amazing. The only thing missing is swimming. Of course, swimming is the component that I have to work hardest on to keep up. My current solution has been to swim back and forth along the beach when we are in ports with a close beach. Which is at least 2 days a week. Sometimes I can’t get off the ship, but I’ve been making do! One thing that I can’t get enough of right now is the eucalyptus steam room and dry sauna on the ship. The wall opposite to the door is actually a massive floor to ceiling window that looks out onto the ocean. There is nothing better after a workout than sitting in the steam room and staring out at the ocean. It’s heavenly!! I’ve also discovered napping!! It’s amazing!! How did I live without naps before???? Does anyone out there have any advice for me in the triathlon department?? How can I maximize my gym workouts to keep me in shape while living on a cruise ship all winter (pool swimming is out of the question, crew aren’t allowed in the guest pools, originally I thought maybe I could do some pool running)??

Isla Roatan, Honduras. My floating home on the left!! Wanna race to the ship??

Goofing off with a co-worker in Roatan!


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2 thoughts on “To Swim or Not to Swim

  1. triathlonobsession on said:

    Hey Erica– You know, you could really do swim drills with the space that you have swimming back and forth on the beach. Try using some markers (like a lifeguard stand or pole or something) and you can do drills, mini time trials, breathing exercises, etc. Basically everything you can do in a pool you can adapt. (Go to; go to training and there are some swim workouts). Sounds like you’re getting more swim training in than you think. The open water practice is awesome! Have fun! Elizabeth

  2. Thanks so much!! I’ve been swimming back and forth along the buoys so that’s working out quite well and I found another triathete on board so we’re going to some crazy beach in Cozumel to swim at because he’s racing Ironman Cozumel next month!! Thanks for all the advice!!!

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