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My Machiavellian Shower

I’m pretty sure my shower is playing mind games with me. Ship showers can be unreliable. Lots of pipes going lots of different directions all the time. For guests, if there is ever a problem, water too hot or cold or too something, we call the plumber and fix it right away. Crew, however, have different standards of living, most of the time we can’t be bothered to call the plumber, unless it’s a flushing issue or drainage issue. Hot/cold showers don’t really slow us down. However for this last cruise, when I’m freezing cold after a long desk shift and all I want is a hot shower, my shower is freezing cold. BUT when I’ve just come from the gym and I just want a cold shower before work, all I get is scalding hot water. It’s like it can read my mind and it knows exactly what I want at all times, and all it does is the opposite! I’m positive my shower is trying to break me, but I won’t let it. Still unsure how I’m going to get the best of it, but I’ll figure something out!

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