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In a slump

I’ll just throw this right out there. I’m not motivated….it’s the end of contract slump I think. It’s just getting really hard to run every day on a treadmill staring at the ocean. I fight to keep myself entertained with new treadmill workouts, but it is becoming very trying. The good news is that in one more week I’ll be off and in the Floridian sun! That’s right, this contract is almost over. It’s been an amazing one, but right now I’m just ready to be done. I want a day off, I want to sleep in and then get up for breakfast and go back to bed again. I want to run along the beach with a dog and then swim in the ocean, not wake up in a dark box and run on a machine. This contract has been utterly amazing and I’ve seen so many amazing things!! I do absolutely love my job and cruise ships and everything however vacation is necessary and I’m ready for mine. We docked in Jamaica yesterday, which is the 33rd country I’ve visited in the last 7 months, and I had a WONDERFUL morning outside with a colleague. Bring it on world, one more week until I can run and play outside all day long!! What are some of your tricks for getting motivated when you’re in a slump?


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2 thoughts on “In a slump

  1. The best ways I keep motivated is to have constant reminders as to my “Why”. Why am I doing this when it can grind you down? My methods for my ‘Why’s” include:
    – Vision Boards
    – Sticky Notes on bathroom
    – Constant connect with support team on the same journey
    – Enjoying new ways to make it fun
    – Find other inspirational people online and follow their journeys (hence, why I’m a fan of yours)

    When you constantly remind yourself “Why” you do what you do, I find the goals become clearer and within reach especially when that loud-mouthed, rude voice in your head tells you all the excuses why you should stop.

    Keep shining!

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