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taking it easy?

So!! Went to the doctor. He said the foot isn’t broken. YAY!! He thinks that I’ve torn/sprained a tendon/ligament and that it should be better with rest. Rest eh? hmmm. not so good at that one. So I’m not going to run all week. See if that helps. Do a light run on friday and see how it feels. Hill training will proceed as soon as the foot feels good. It actually feels better today than it did yesterday and I’m getting ready to head to the pool. Gotta get back to the swim training and that’ll be easier on my foot as well. Next race is the Bear Mountain 10k, known as the hardest 10k in Canada due to the hills…can’t wait!! November 21st. It’s on. Marissa is going to train and run with me. Katie too. Should be goooooood times!!!

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