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Tough Mudder

I know you’ve all been eagerly anticipating the Tough Mudder update and I’m ready to give it to you. First of all, I ADORED the atmosphere I found in Whistler during the race weekend because it was full of like minded people who are also into racing and health and the same things I am. Myself and my team stayed at the Westin and loved every minute of it. My friend works for them and took very good care of us while we were there. The challenge itself was amazing. I adore the idea of it, lots of teamwork, and for a good cause but also very physically and mentally challenging. For those who don’t know about it, this race is known as possibly the toughest race on the planet. It’s intense and painful and so awesome.

The official Tough Mudder Vancouver video came out today, check it out!!!

Tough Mudder Whistler

I’ll post more photos later!! I managed to hang onto a disposable camera for the whole challenge, so I ended up with some great photos!


Happy Thoughts

I aw this sign posted at the bottom of Mount Finlayson yesterday when Copper and I were headed out for a hike! Isn’t it delightful! It makes me really happy that someone threw that out into the universe!! Obviously I took a wookiee, he’s living in my car for constant protection!


shiny pretty things

I made it to the gym, still have to work 2 horses but I managed to find time to place a new SUGOI order!! Even though it’s not really that cold here, I find myself lacking in the warm running tights department. So the star item of my order this week is the Sugoi MidZero tight. I’m super thrilled because I need to demolish my last remaining excuse for not running…..”i’m cooooooold.” Not anymore. Also had to get another Brand Champion fizz tank because I’m so in love with the one I already have that I feel like it needs a friend to keep it company!! I love pretty new things!!


feeling good….foot is a little tweaky after my workout today, but not painful, just kinda achy. 10k tomorrow will be a good test of it’s healedness…..which i don’t think is even a word…..

currently on the couch, avoiding taking my post-workout supplements….because my liquid iron tastes like garbage….
well, not garbage, like cold chicken broth. that’s exactly it, cold chicken broth. it makes me wanna vomit every day. So i avoid it. It takes me a good half an hour after each workout to work up the bravery to take my iron….blargh….ok ok …here i go,
iron time

back at it

back at the gym, makes me very happy!! running outdoors for the rest of the week and some good solid gym time to keep the rest of me happy! foot feels fabulous…..Bear Mtn 10k is comin up fast…train train train…school is lovely…getting close to the end of this semester…….so much fun…i can’t get over how fabulous all of my cohort is…they’re all so wonderful! would really like to be getting to bikrams more often, it makes me a much happier person…and is really good for my racing…it’s just really hard to get it into my schedule…GOAL! my goal for november/december is to get to hot yoga twice a week….

Goals are the backbone of training
and training is the shortest distance between fit and unfit……

true story

taking it easy?

So!! Went to the doctor. He said the foot isn’t broken. YAY!! He thinks that I’ve torn/sprained a tendon/ligament and that it should be better with rest. Rest eh? hmmm. not so good at that one. So I’m not going to run all week. See if that helps. Do a light run on friday and see how it feels. Hill training will proceed as soon as the foot feels good. It actually feels better today than it did yesterday and I’m getting ready to head to the pool. Gotta get back to the swim training and that’ll be easier on my foot as well. Next race is the Bear Mountain 10k, known as the hardest 10k in Canada due to the hills…can’t wait!! November 21st. It’s on. Marissa is going to train and run with me. Katie too. Should be goooooood times!!!

here comes the rain

Well it’s officially fall in Victoria, which means it’s rain season…..ugh…i’m still all sensitive and spoiled and don’t like the rain….give me a week and i’ll be perma-damp until march…foot is feeling better-ish….still considering getting xrays, but that sounds like a lot of work….lol…i know, i know, i’m going to do it….20k tomorrow with Vic, we’ll see how that goes….I’ll tensor wrap it and that should hold it together…in theory…OH..excited for rain running!!! that, my friends, is what we call a silver lining….feeling uninspired…more later…

Definately Maybe

First run post-marathon went well. Just a little guy, did the Gorge route, tried to take it a little easy, ended up pushing my pace  and doing bench sprintervals, I can’t help it, the Gorge route just makes me feel the need to interval train. Everything felt decent, foot was achey but fine. And then I took off my runner after and my foot felt like it was going to explode. I think I need to get an xray. It’s not getting better. I’ll tensor wrap it before I run tomorrow, that should help. It’s making wierd grinding and crunching noises and it just feels wrong. yuck. Training now begins for the Bear Mountain 10k. Lotsa hills. ugh. Printed out the course map today, giving it a try with Marissa tomorrow.
Sidebar: I don’t feel good about Starbucks instant coffee. I know, I know, I haven’t tried it, but it just seems fundamentally wrong. Although instant coffee has gotten a bad rap. Maybe I should give it a try before I condemn it. However, my first reaction is to feel not good about the whole thing!

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