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shiny pretty things

I made it to the gym, still have to work 2 horses but I managed to find time to place a new SUGOI order!! Even though it’s not really that cold here, I find myself lacking in the warm running tights department. So the star item of my order this week is the Sugoi MidZero tight. I’m super thrilled because I need to demolish my last remaining excuse for not running…..”i’m cooooooold.” Not anymore. Also had to get another Brand Champion fizz tank because I’m so in love with the one I already have that I feel like it needs a friend to keep it company!! I love pretty new things!!

This is What We Came For

Marathon day was yesterday….it was hard, long, painful….and I can’t wait to do it again!! All things considered I’m pretty proud of myself for getting it done. I was unprepared for the the full. With the amount of training I had done, it would have been more appropriate to have run the half. But when I went to register the half was full, so I said screw it and went for the full, but I did register for the early start time (6:30am instead of 8:30) which gives you 7 hours time limit instead of 5 hours, which is the regular time limit. Which I’m glad I did, but that doesn’t mean I was properly prepared, considering the furthest I’ve ever run is 20k, 42 was a bit of a stretch! After work on saturday night, I went home for an hours rest, slept in, and missed the early start time. Not to be deterred, I just decided to go for the 8:30 start and hope I made it in 5 hours. As per usual, the first kilometer sucked. But once I found my pace, the first 26 went by pretty quickly. My hip started to go after that…i told myself some funny stories, zoned out on my music and kept going…by the time I got into the 30’s I was hurting…my knees and bad hip were hating me…i had to take a few walk breaks but ran most of the way….if you’re not someone who’s as crazy as I am, you won’t know what happens to your body when you run that far….things hurt…EVERYTHING hurts…especially if you aren’t prepared….even my skin hurt…….my feet cramped….my back spasmed…hip dislocated…but you run through it…my Sugoi fizz tank is the best performing piece of clothing I’ve ever owned… chafing or moving…it was amazing. Other race highlights include:
– making new friends along the way…when you have the same pace as some people you spend a lot of time with them…you’ve got 5 hours to chat..
– the cheerful cheering volunteers along the way….they really are motivating
– whomever put the motivational posters on the trees along the side of the road during the last km, you are my god!! “you started this… finish it”, “you own this” and other such posters really made the last km not so bad

The only lowlight was the volunteers on the side of the road who were sleeping, or looking grumpy, or yawning….seriously? Are you really sleeping in front of marathoners? Really? If you’re gonna sleep, you should have stayed home. All my friends had the courtesy to sleep far away from me….

At the end of the day, 5 hours and 16 mins later….I crossed the finish line….aches and pains and all… mom and dad were there cheering, which was amazing….i’m so proud of myself. Best training run ever. Just another stepping stone on the road to Ironman Canada….

soooo soon

well, it’s thursday….the marathon is on sunday. I really feel like running is a cataclismic battle within my brain where half of me is yelling to keep going and half of me is yelling to stop….it’s festive in my head, I tell ya. But, I’m doing this, for better or worse….my winter training goal is to work on my running and that is what I am doing…Bear Mtn 10k in November, should be delightful….I know that all this work will make me a better triathlete, but that doesn’t make it any more fun….at least I have some fantastic friends who are helping me along the way!! Marissa and I have a scheduled weekly run in between classes on weds and I will be running 20k with Vic every sunday (other than race days, of course). Having happy, motivated people around you makes you more happy and motivated!! It’s a scientific fact!! My sugoi order arrived today….sweet new Brand Champion tank and Picadilly armwarmers…love my life!! Getting back on the bike on thanksgiving monday…SWEET!!!!

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