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oh ya

So I didn’t end up making it to Elk to run. Xmas never really goes as planned, does it?! I did, however, get to go to Butchart Gardens, which is possibly my favorite xmas activity of ALL TIME!! True story, I love it there. And we got to go skating and ride the carousel. It was super fun! It was really lovely to see all my cousins and have a chance to catch up.

Also, I may have played Wii Mariokart for somewhere around a hundred billion hours yesterday. Love that game. Tomorrow, Wii Boxing!! YESSSSSSSSSS. Getting pumped right now for boxing day at Touch. Pretty excited, I have a new dress. Well, lets be honest, I have 6 new dresses. They were 2 for 1. What else was I supposed to do?! Anyhoo, gonna run to the gym right now before things get crazy and get some super fun jump rope intervals done!! wooo. This week’s goal, back in the pool!!

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