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On the Road Again

Well here I am again, back in an airport, loving every minute of my layover. Check out how comfortable I was on my first flight!!


That’s right ALL the leg room!!


My friends know what’s up

My friends know what’s up

Check out my amazing friend Janine!!

Postcard from St. Thomas


He extended one hand and pointed towards the horizon…..’see that boat over there with the brown stripe?? That’s where I live’

To Swim or Not to Swim

Well, being a gym rat is going quite well actually, I’m getting into a comfortable groove of running/biking/weight training in the guest gym. My schedule is actually ideal for training. I work split shifts so I always have time every day to go to the gym. We don’t ever work all day straight, there’s always a break! I really feel like I’m getting so much gym and self improvement time, it’s amazing. The only thing missing is swimming. Of course, swimming is the component that I have to work hardest on to keep up. My current solution has been to swim back and forth along the beach when we are in ports with a close beach. Which is at least 2 days a week. Sometimes I can’t get off the ship, but I’ve been making do! One thing that I can’t get enough of right now is the eucalyptus steam room and dry sauna on the ship. The wall opposite to the door is actually a massive floor to ceiling window that looks out onto the ocean. There is nothing better after a workout than sitting in the steam room and staring out at the ocean. It’s heavenly!! I’ve also discovered napping!! It’s amazing!! How did I live without naps before???? Does anyone out there have any advice for me in the triathlon department?? How can I maximize my gym workouts to keep me in shape while living on a cruise ship all winter (pool swimming is out of the question, crew aren’t allowed in the guest pools, originally I thought maybe I could do some pool running)??

Isla Roatan, Honduras. My floating home on the left!! Wanna race to the ship??

Goofing off with a co-worker in Roatan!


Steal my Sunshine

I’ve just got to comment about a very interesting life dynamic that I notice often in my interactions with others. I am an indestructibly happy person. Odd statement, right? Well it’s true. I’m that person who dances at the gym, says hi to strangers, makes friends with customs agents, and is happy for no apparent reason. Why not, you need a reason to be sad, you don’t need one to be happy. I think sometimes its even annoying, apparently I’m too cheerful. That being said, I’m not planning on changing. The reason I use the word ‘indestructible’ to define my particular brand of cheer, is that people are constantly trying to destroy it. The funny thing about being a really cheerful happy person is that there is inevitably someone lurking around a corner, trying to squash my happy. It’s so odd. At every job, there’s always someone who will narrow their eyes suspiciously at me and give me some form of ultimatum. Usually it goes like, “Just wait until ______*ominous event*____ then you won’t be so cheerful.” The ominous even is always something to do with the work place, or being somewhere a long time, or meeting certain people. The thing is, people have been saying this to me for a very long time. And it never happens. I just don’t quite understand when being happy became something suspicious, that would ultimately end soon. I think the difference is that I am not a happy person by nature. I’m actually a big fat pessimist covered in shiny layers of sarcasm, optimism, and fairy dust. I actually consciously make a decision every morning to be happy. It doesn’t just happen, I wake up grouchy and angry and sad for no reason and start thinking happy thoughts until I convince myself that I’m happy. And it works!! Sometimes its as easy as having an early morning dance party when I’m getting ready, sometimes I have to actively hunt for happy thoughts. Eventually, if you smile at enough people, and say enough friendly things, you actually feel happy. It’s remarkable. I hate being sad, it’s not fun, and I’m positive it gives you wrinkles. So instead of sitting around, moping, being sad about nothing and watching my life slip by, I jump around, be happy about nothing, and do as many remarkable things with my life as I can, because it’s way more fun.  If I can do it, anyone can do it. Just be happy, do things that make you happy, surround yourself with people that make you happy. And even if at your core, you are a grumpy stubborn pessimist like me, that will be our little secret. Oh, and those happiness squashers, I never listen to them, because eventually they all give up and just join in, happiness is contagious, and they’ll never squash mine!!

The Cruise Life

I feel like I need to take a moment to just address how much fun I’m having!! I love working on a cruise ship so far, and sometimes we even get off the ship and enjoy ourselves……like this:

Reunited with one of my best friends!! Best place for a reunion is the Bahamas, hands down!!

Least co-ordinated jumping of all time

My beverage came in a monkey head!

Gym Rat

You know, I used to be a gym rat. I loved the gym. Didn’t want to train outside (except for horseback riding), just inside, constantly, all the time. Then I started hiking with a good friend of mine and fell in love with outdoor training. Then I started racing triathlon and became addicted to the outdoors. The last 7 or 8 years I’ve been all about the outdoors, still doing a gym workout or two here and there, but mostly as many outdoor sports as I could get my hands on. Now I’m living on a cruise ship. Training outdoors is less feasible. Don’t get me wrong, when we dock on a Bahamanian island, I’m on the gangway with my one piece on and goggles in hand, ready to swim back and forth along the island, but for the most part, I need to re-connect with my long dormant gym rat. It’s been easier than I expected. One thing I’m really excited about is the chance to really focus on training and my health. I have a tendency to run myself ragged at home. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely not complaining, I love every single thing I do at home and am so happy to do them all, but sometimes I forget that I am in fact not invincible (shhhhhh that’s a secret) and eventually I am going to hurt myself. Case in point, savagely murdering both of my ankles this summer. They are rehabilitating nicely, which I’m very pleased with. My point (I swear I have one) is that I’m going to really focus on my health while I’m on board, I’m only working one job, and in my spare time, I’m pretty limited in available ways to fill my day. A very good friend of mine from home has offered to help me in my quest for the ultimate healthy state, and I was thrilled to accept!! We have been friends for at least ten years and he is one of the most positive, inspirational, and genuine human beings I have ever had the pleasure to know. I’m so excited to be a part of Team Alvarez!! Please check out his facebook page here: Team Alvarez!! Now, in order to practice what I preach, I am headed to bed, I have an early start tomorrow, and I need my beauty sleep!!

Play safe and happy training!


Where did you train today??

So now that I live on a cruise ship, I’ve been focusing my training on rehabilitating my ankles after how badly I destroyed them this summer. I started by walking on an incline (12) for 25 minutes then running for 5 minutes, like my physio told me, and have slowly been working up a minute a day. If the cankle complains, I run the same amount of time the next day. Then when it’s happy again, I increase by a minute. I just got clearance to train in the guest gym, which also means I can run on the Sun Deck track!! Check it out!!! Where did everyone else train this morning??

Oh, and yes, on the right that IS INDEED a mini golf course!!! Check it out also!!





Read My Leaves

Something interesting happened to me this week. Actually a lot of interesting things happened this weekend. One of which being my sister getting married. That was super amazing. This is kind of related. For one of the many parties that were held before the wedding, us girls got henna done and there was both a tea leaf reader and a tarot card reader in attendance. Now, I must preface this post by saying that I’m pretty science minded, and I’m a little skeptical of these kinds of things. However, Tanya Lester, tea leaf reader blew me away. Without knowing anything about me or me asking any questions, she started off by telling me that she sees that I will have to make a career decision in the near future ( WHICH I DO!! when I’m done my Carnival contract I will have to decide whether to do another contract or to focus on hotel work), and that one of those options will take me far away from home (it will) but it will make me very happy and will be a challenging position where I will learn a lot. She said that if I choose that position she sees me doing it for a very long time and being very happy. She said the other position will be closer to home and I will think that it’s going to be a good move, but that if I chose that one I won’ be happy and it won’t be as challenging and it will be very similar to what I’ve done before. Then she said, “I see you on a boat.”

SERIOUSLY. How did she know that?? It blew me away. Then she said a few things about my love life that were totally completely right. Then she talked about a man that I will meet sometime in the next 3-5 years who is older and grumpy and for some reason I see something in this man and I befriend him and kind of look out for him, and then he introduces me to his son, who will be someone that I will be with for a long time. So I don’t know about all that bit, but I guess we will see. All in all, I was totally impressed with this woman and would definitely see her again. There’s just no way she could have known some of the things she said, I had never met this woman ever! So crazy. So that’s my story about that!! I’m going to try to post some photos soon of my sister’s wedding, it was so so amazing!!


I’m on a boat!

Are you ready for another fun post about the amazing adventures I had this summer? I’m trying to get them all posted before I start on all the fun things happening in Florida! So one of our members at the golf course has a boat that is moored in the Oak Bay Marina and one day he offered to take a few of us out for some drinks, tunes, and open ocean. It was an amazing way to spend an afternoon and we even took a dip in the ocean! Here’s a few photos!!







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