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I want to talk about honey. And not the really processed extra sugar added honey. The natural unpasteurized right-from-the-bee type of honey. I had no idea how many health benefits a little bit of honey has. I’m not a big fan of putting sugar in my tea, I like it strong, but since I started reading about all the benefits of natural honey, I’ve been throwing a bit into my tea just for the health benefits. If you don’t believe me, check out this site for some fun facts and info. It’s really really good for you! Full of antioxidants and immune system builders. I have found that the all natural unpasteurized honey I got isn’t really that sweet. The really processed ones add a lot of sugar, and that’s where you have to be careful. I say add some honey to your day for an instant energy boost as well as an immune system boost!! Give it a try, but make sure that whatever you get is all natural and unpasteurized, directly from the bee!!


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