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Track Run

Training is always so much more fun when you have a buddy! My ship buddy Morganza and I teamed up to create a magnificent run/track interval-style workout that is super killer. We specifically engineered this one to be done in our port of Ensenada, Mexico, because there was a running track just a few kilometers away from the ship. So convenient!! Try it with a friend! I like these kinds of workouts because you can very quickly measure your success. One week you can do a few more push-ups or laps than the previous workout. I try to always remember that even if I can’t get as far in a workout as I want, that’s ok because it means I still have challenges to overcome! Work hard play hard!!



I am Strong

This week has been good on the motivation front. Long run Saturdays are up to 10 miles and I’m feeling amazing. When I get to that place where I need some extra motivation, I just keep repeating my new mantra in my head……I Am Strong. It keeps me going through the tough spots. What’s your mantra??




No matter what else I have going on in my life and what my goals are, I’m always more at peace when there’s horses involved. I love to ride and compete and just be around them, There is something whimsical and magical about the bond you have with a horse, it’s unlike anything else. Being around horses is good for your soul. And it’s a great workout!! My lovely photog friend Jessica Hayward took some photos of myself and my lovely horse Dejah on a riding day!



I don’t know if you can ever truly capture the bond between horses and people, but Jess has done a fantastic job…

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