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One of the most amazing things about starting a young horse is that you get to be one of the first real human connections they make. Most young horses (in a perfect world) have already been handled lots to make the starting process easier, but as far as putting tack on them and teaching them how to be ridden, that is a truly amazing experience. Each horse is different and I’ve been working with a lovely gelding named Kosmo. He’s an absolute treasure and I’ve been working with him for a few weeks now. Today we thought we’d try to get on him for the first time. Generally it takes a few days of working with horses with a saddle on before you actually get on and ride. We started slow and he was just so calm about everything, that we ended up just getting on. He is such a superstar! Walking and trotting on the lunge line and even walked off the lunge line without my trainer in the ring! Such a fabulous horse, I’m so lucky to get to work with him!

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